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Your guide to drone acronyms: a glossary

If you’re relatively new to the world of drones, or UAVs (Unmanned Arial Vehicles), then we have you covered. Here is a glossary of drone acronyms and terms that apply to flying your drone safely in the air, compiled by ARPAS UK, the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. It’s well worth a read for drone enthusiasts looking to refresh their memory.

AMSL – Above Mean Sea Level
ANO – Air Navigation Order
ARPAS-UK – Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Systems UK
ATC – Air Traffic Control
ATZ – Air Traffic Zone
BLOS – Beyond Line of Sight
BMFA – British Model Flying Association
BNUC-S – Basic National Unmanned Aircraft Certificate (Euro UAS NQE)
CAA – Civil Aviation Authority (UK)
CAP – Civil Aviation Publication
ELOS – Extended Line of Sight
FPV – Frist Person View
iOSD – Intelligent On Screen Display
MOAT – Maximum Outside Air Temperature
MOR – Mandatory Occurrence Reports
MTOM – Maximum Take-off Mass
NAA – National Aviation Authority
NQE – CAA National Qualified Entity
PIC – Pilot in Command
PFAW – Permission For Aerial Work
RPAS – Remotely Piloted Aircraft System
RPQ-s – Remote Pilot Qualification (Resource Group NQE)
SUA – Small Unmanned Aircraft

Looking for definitions of drone equipment acronyms instead? Droneflyers.com has a useful glossary here which is a great place to start.

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