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Can you pick out the drone stories that are April Fools’ Day jokes?

Drones are the talk of the town, so it’s no surprise that companies use them to their own advantage when it comes to April Fools’ Day. So much so that it is hard to separate fact from fiction.

The first of April is seen as the only acceptable day in the calendar year where everyone can get away with a prank or two. Over the last couple of years, in particular, we have seen a wide range of businesses have a laugh with drone technology. But we have also witnessed drones utilised in ways that we couldn’t have imagined, both for the good and bad.

So, here are a selection of different ways drones are being used. Your job? To figure out whether it is a prank or a real example of drone use!

Flying lager?

Have you ever turned up to a party or a BBQ and forgotten your alcohol? Well, Scottish brewer Tennent’s has the perfect solution. They will send a drone to your location and deliver four cans of their lager within 30 minutes.

How about that? You will now never need to go to the off license again. The only problem that Tennent’s may have is that we are sure Carlsberg announced a similar idea 12 months ago. So is this example true or false? Click here to find out the answer.

Let me take a selfie

It seems like people have been taking selfies forever. And now the drone world has joined in on the act with a flying selfie machine called ROAM-e. The Australian made drone can hover up to 25m above you and uses facial recognition tech to keep shots steady and focused on any face. Designed by IoT Group, the selfie stick, without the stick basically, is expected to be a big hit in both Japan and America in the near future.

Is this true or false? Click here to find out. 

ROAM- E have invented a selfie drone

A complete game changer

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has announced a new flying drone called “the game changer”. The drone is just 70mm wide and it is a tiny quadcopter. It has a flight time of roughly seven to eight minutes and it needs to be recharged for 20 minutes in-between flights. It weighs just 12.5 grams and fits in the palm of your hand.

Is the game changer real or not? The answer is right here. 

Leonardo ‘Drone’ Vinci 

Are the days of painting and decorating now a thing of the past? According to paint company Valspar, they are, thanks to their recent announcement.

Valspar has been a paint and coatings business for over 200 years, and they have confirmed that they will be releasing the world’s first automated painting drone. There will never be a need to lift a paint brush again. The drone will be available to hire free of charge for 24 hours when purchasing Valspar paint from B&Q stores in the UK and Ireland.

Is what Valspar saying true or false? Click here to find out. 

Valspar Painting Drone

Is it from out of space?

Electronic firm Parrot have taken drone creation to a whole different planet. The concept of a flying saucer has been talked about now for many years, but it may now be a reality.

What started out as a simple idea in the Parrot staff cafeteria quickly turned into a serious project. The flying saucer boasts a 19-minute flight time, a 3D camera and a sky controller compatible for long range flights.

Sounds awesome, don’t you think? But the important question is, is it a true story or not? 

Drones to deliver blood

In recent months, all the talk has been about Amazon’s plans to set up a drone delivery project. However, urgent deliveries of both blood and drugs will be dropped by drones in Rwanda. Zipline International, a medical company, put the idea together and they will use 22-pound fixed-wing drones to drop vital supplies in the African country.

Their aim is to start in July 2016 and the drones can reportedly make a 75-mile round trip, using a GPS to navigate.

Click here to find out if the story is true or false.

Drones to be car park wardens? 

South Wales’ largest car park management business, Millennium Parking Services, are firmly behind the idea of designing drones to issue car parking fines. The controversial idea has already been trialed in Dubai and the US but the news has not broken well in south Wales. Millennium Parking Services’ intention is to launch the car park drones this summer and target vehicles parked where they are not allowed.

Is there such thing as drone car park wardens? Click here to find out the answer.

Drones set to become car park wardens

Pie in the sky 

A pie delivery service from the sky sounds a wild idea, don’t you think? Well not to Peter’s Foods in Caerphilly, Wales, which has created a service so you can order and have your desired pastry delivered, via drone. Hungry customers can now order from Peter’s Foods from anywhere in the UK. It is simple, all you have to do is download Peter’s Foods app onto your smartphone, and they will automatically detect your location.

Will Peter’s Foods really be delivering pies via drones? Click here to find out the answer.

Made all a bit easier?
Golfers know it’s a chore making the long hike back to the clubhouse for refreshments. To solve this problem, Japanese company Rakuten has invented a drone delivery service, tasked to provide golfers with whatever they may need on the course.

If it is golf balls or refreshments, Rakuten’s drones will be there to assist. Like Peter’s Foods, the only thing that you need is an app to place your order and a quadcopter will fly over from the clubhouse within minutes.

So are the days of traveling back and forth on the golf course over? Well, it seems to be that way, for Japanese golfers anyway.

Is the story true or false? Click here to find out. 

So did you work out which stories were true and which were false? Below are the answers.

  1. Flying lager – False
  2. Let me take a selfie – True
  3. A complete game changer – True
  4. Leonardo Drone Vinci – False
  5. Is it from out of space – False
  6. Drones to deliver blood – True
  7. Drones to be car park wardens – False
  8. Pie in the sky – False
  9. Made all a bit easier – True

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