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What to get a Drone Lover for Christmas

Stuck on gifts to get a fellow drone lover for Christmas? Or maybe you think you deserve a drone-themed Christmas gift from yourself?  Don’t worry – Insure4Drones have you got covered with our definitive list of what to buy the drone lover in your life for Christmas (apart from another drone of course!).

1. Drone Pilot’s Handbook

This is the perfect gift for someone who has recently been introduced to the drone world. For less than a tenner, the book is an absolute bargain if it stops you crashing your drone!

This handbook gives you the skills and techniques you need to fly and maintain your drone, tips for maximizing performance, and – most importantly – a clear guide to where you can and can’t fly.

In-between all this there’s some stunning aerial photography from around the world to inspire you to take your own drone-related snaps!

Image credit: Amazon UK

2. Spares

Our next gift is, admittedly, the equivalent to getting a pair of socks for Christmas – practical but not exactly exciting! Spare accessories, such as propellers or batteries, are a lifesaver to any drone pilot.

Sadly, drone crashes happen, and propellers are usually the first things to get damaged. Having some spares handy means you can get back in the air in no time! If you are buying spare propellers as a gift, make sure you buy them from the drone’s manufacturer. That way, you know they’re the right fit for the specific drone.

Image credit: DJI

3. Waterproof Bag Case

Our next gift recommendation helps tackle one of the difficult challenges of drone ownership: transporting your drone. Which is why a backpack specifically designed for transporting a drone is one of the best Christmas gifts out there for a drone owner who’s frequently on the move.

Bags such as this hard-shell backpack which are designed specifically for DJI Phantoms are a perfect example. With specialised compartments for each drone part and a hard outer-shell, you know that your drone will be well-protected when in transit.

Image credit: Drone Direct

4. Quadcopter Landing Pad

A landing pad may seem a little unnecessary for anything other than an actual helicopter, but they’ll prove invaluable to any drone owner. A quadcopter landing pad allows you to turn any surface into a safe place to take off and land your drone.

It protects the drone and camera from mud, gravel and dust, and is great for practising your drone landing skills. Plus, we’ve all dreamt of owning our very own helipad– a drone version is pretty much the same thing, right?!

Image credit: CVC

5. Drone Mug

If you have a hobby, there’s a mug somewhere that has been designed just for you – and drones are no different. We like this one in particular. There’s nothing like being reminded that drones are the future while sipping on your morning coffee

Image credit: Zazzle

We hope there’s enough on this list to keep the drone lover in your life happy! If they’ve been extra good this year, then perhaps a new drone also wouldn’t go amiss… Merry Christmas!

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