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Why Drone Safe Register plays a vital role in the market

Drone safety has been a red-hot topic in the news lately. Several incidents have been reported of close encounters and accidents involving drones, causing a real risk to the general public. This will no doubt be playing on the minds of those looking to commission drones for aerial work.

So, the question is, where can you find pilots and companies that can operate drones legally? The answer: Drone Safe Register.

Drone Safe Register (DSR) are the UK’s fastest growing website for UAV hire, and they were created to help people find and hire fully qualified, professional drone pilots who have permission to carry out aerial work by the CAA.

They have made the process of finding legal drone pilots quick and easy. On the flip side, DSR is on the hunt for illegal drone operatives and encourage people to report any activity that they feel may be suspicious.

Insure4Drones are partners with Drone Safe Register
It is a legal requirement to have drone liability insurance.

We spoke to Drone Safe Regsiter find out a little bit more about them:

Please can you explain exactly what you do?

Drone Safe Register are a marketed directory for legal UAV professional pilots who have the correct PFWA status and valid insurance. It is extremely important that people report illegal drone operation.

That leads to our next question, have you received plenty of feedback so far from the public highlighting the illegal use of drones?

So far, we have received three genuine reports which we are currently investigating. Once our findings are complete, we will submit our report to the CAA. There is a section on our website where you can report illegal drone activity.

Have there been any cases where pilots or companies have just not been aware that you need to register to fly a drone?

Everyone requires CAA permission and insurance to operate a drone commercially. Registering with ourselves brings extra work for members and peace of mind for the hiring public. If anybody wishes to obtain a licence, please visit our website.

With drones being relatively new, do you think it will take a while for people to understand the dangers that come with operating drones?

Yes, certainly. Before we launched there was no other organisation that was highlighting illegal drone operators. The CAA have no budget to market, so we will continue to promote our own video.

In March of this year, there was an incident involving a drone colliding with the rear carriage of a train on the North Yorkshire Moors. What are Drone Safe Register’s thoughts on this type of incident?

Unless permission had been granted, any UAV should have been 50 meters away from the train. Clearly this wasn’t the case. Members of the public standing very close to the tracks should have also been highlighted in the press, not just the UAV.

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