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The Best Drone Photography Of 2016

Drones usage has sky-rocketed worldwide in the last 12 months – both personally and commercially. Many industries have benefitted from using drones to improve all areas of their business. Farmers, for example, have been using drones to get a much better ‘bird’s-eye’ view of their fields – and even feed crops in some cutting-edge cases.

In another sector, construction workers have been profiting from a much higher perspective on their work by using a drone. The common denominator here is: things look completely different from a ‘bird’s-eye’ point of view! This ‘bird’s eye’ view has revolutionised both videography and photography, they’re now able to get some incredible angles and take some absolutely breathtaking shots, particularly from the heights drones can reach! Here are some of the very best drone photography shots taken throughout the world in 2016…

Dracula must be very good at cornering! The curving road to Transylvania.

Credit: Calin Stan

Best Drone Photography - 1


The best photography tells a story. The slums of Nairobi in painfully high definition.

Credit: Johnny Miller

Best Drone Photography - 2


We can imagine the underside of the drone getting very hot – The Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Reunion Island.

Credit: Jonathan Payet

 Best Drone Photography - 3

The slopes are quiet today… Chugach Mountain Range – Alaska.

Credit: Tj Balon

Best Drone Photography - 4


The lanes are a little crowded this morning! A clearly-popular swimming competition from Cúcuta, Colombia.

Credit: Juan Pablo Bayona

 Best Drone Photography - 5


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