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The Biggest Drone Manufacturers

Drones are at the forefront of a technological shift – they’re forecast to play significant roles in business, construction, military, and more. They’ve captured the attention of everyone from hobbyists and surveyors to tech-savvy enthusiasts and investors. It seems there’s a drone out there for everyone.

So, which drone manufacturers are the biggest players in this booming industry? We’ve compiled a list of the world’s most dominant – see if your manufacturer of choice made the list…

1. DJI (China)

It will certainly come as no surprise that DJI Innovations is the world’s leading drone manufacturer -estimated to account for a massive 70% of the drone market.

DJI is known for its Phantom drones and, increasingly, for its newer Mavic series – both popular for aerial photography — and has established itself as the market leader in many price categories. Its partnerships – such as Sony for camera components – are also a key factor in its success.

One thing’s for sure… other drone manufacturers have their work cut out if they want to knock DJI off the top spot!

Drone manufacturers
Image credit: DJI

2. Parrot (France)

Parrot is somewhat of a newcomer to the drone market, with its main speciality being wireless devices for mobile phones and cars. However, in a short period of time, Parrot has quickly established itself as a household name in drone manufacturing.

Parrot is best known for its Bebop drone – a cylindrical piece of plastic and foam that makes it easy to fly for beginners. It’s easily DJI’s biggest competitor in aerial photography, with Bebop’s affordability making it one of the most popular camera drones on the market.

Drone manufacturers
Bebop 2. Image credit: Parrot

3. AeroVironment (USA)

AeroVironment is a world leader in the military drone space, building drones for video surveillance and tactical purposes. The company is now venturing into the commercial market, announcing in 2016 that it was releasing a new UAV called the Quantix.

The Quantix is designed for commercial applications in areas such as agriculture and the energy industry, and this recent development is sure to see AeroVironment continue to grow even more in years to come.

Drone manufacturers
Image credit: AeroVironment

4. Yuneec (China)

Headquartered in China, Yuneec manufactures more than one million drones per year, making it one of the world leaders in electric aviation.

In 2014, Yuneec introduced the world’s first ready-to-fly, out-of-the-box drone: The Typhoon Q500 quadcopter. It then took its creation one step further, by equipping it with a 4K camera. This made the company and its products very popular amongst professionals and hobbyists.

DJI and Yuneec have recently become known as the Apple and Samsung of the drone world, undergoing a few public technology battles and legal proceedings along the way…

Drone manufacturers
Image credit: Yuneec

5. 3D Robotics

Based in California, 3D Robotics focuses mainly on autonomous drones for everyday exploration and business applications, as well as aerial photography. Their SOLO drone, with GPS point planning, is perhaps their best-known product.

3D Robotics claims to be the smartest and most technologically advanced drone company in the world – in their own words: “We’re putting computers in the sky“.

They’ve developed the first true ‘Follow Me’ technology, meaning drones can stay right with you wherever you go – automatically keeping the camera centred on you to capture your every move!

Drone manufacturers
Image credit: 3D Robotics

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