CAA Regulations

The Civil Aviation Authority

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have set the rules for drones in the UK. If you’re flying your drone for commercial purposes, you must have a pilot qualification approved by the CAA.

All of our Liability policies are fully compliant with regulation EC 785/2004, as required by the CAA.

Requirements for UK Airspace

The use of various types of unmanned aircraft, popularly known as drones, has increased rapidly in recent years - both for private leisure use, and for commercial ‘aerial work’. Unmanned aircraft are generally fitted with cameras, unlike traditional remote controlled model aircraft which have been used by enthusiasts for many years. As such drones are likely to be operated in a way that may pose a greater risk to the general public and other aircraft. Unlike manned or model aircraft there are no established operating guidelines so operators may not be aware of the potential dangers or indeed the responsibility they have towards avoiding collisions. Anyone flying a drone either recreationally or commercially has to take responsibility for doing so safely.

Small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS), sometimes also known as remotely piloted aircraft sys-tems (RPAS), are now being widely used commercially in the UK. Permission to operate SUAS for commercial work is required from the CAA.

For further information please visit the CAA website