Drone public liability insurance

First things first, drone Public Liability insurance is a legal necessity if you are a commercial drone operator. However, despite needing it to operate - that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek the very best cover for your drone.

Insure4Drones’ Public Liability insurance not only protects you against accidental damage caused to property or injury caused to another person when operating your drone, it also protects from the legal costs incurred by that damage or injury. What’s more, it goes even further and extends that protection to another qualified drone pilot, if you allow them to fly your drone and they’re named on your policy.

With optional extras, including: third party claims for noise, trespassing costs and worldwide cover – there’s a reason Insure4Drones is one of the UK’s most respected specialist drone insurers. Get your fast, tailored drone public liability insurance quote today and see how affordable peace of mind can be for your business.