UAV Insurance

UAV, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – is the technical name for a drone, particularly a commercial one. Subject to a myriad of professional uses, from photography to farming and everything in-between, the skill and cost involved means it’s important to get yours insured with a specialist insurer like Insure4Drones.

Additionally, the need for a qualification to operate a commercial UAV means you are also required to have Public Liability insurance at the very least.

Public Liability insurance for UAV’s

Got your drone? Got your CAA-approved flight qualification? Then the final thing you need, by law, is UAV Public Liability insurance. That means that if you injure another person or building when flying your UAV, you will be protected – not just from the repair or injury costs, but the often sky-rocketing legal costs as well.

Drone equipment protection for commercial UAV’s

While it may not be a legal necessity like Public Liability insurance, UAV equipment cover is often just as essential. Let’s be honest, commercial UAV’s are extremely expensive, and repairs often can be too. With Insure4Drones’ UAV equipment protection, we not only cover your UAV if it is lost or stolen, but also against accidental damage – both to the drone and its accessories.

Insure today

Want the best possible cover for your UAV? Insure4Drones have tailored UAV insurance to offer real peace of mind. With the option to choose both Public Liability and equipment cover together for a 10% discount, or simply one or the other – you can get a quote to suit you and your business quickly and simply today.